Win a place at Ivey’s Table

We have given away a lot of ETH, Virtue Poker Points (VPPs) and even an entry in the $10,000 Main Event of the World Series of Poker. Starting April 15, final Beta players at Virtue Poker now have a chance to win an entry into a single-table tournament with poker legend Phil Ivey for a share of $12,000 plus bragging rights.

Short Deck Texas Hold ’em is Phil’s new favorite game. In the past two years, Ivey has won millions of dollars playing this fun, stripped-deck variant on Texas Hold ’em. And now you have a chance to test your skills with Phil and win some cash in the process.

Qualifying is easy — all you have to do is play! On June 7, five Virtue Poker players will sit at a special Ivey’s Table Sit & Go. Everyone at the table wins money. The winner will win at least $5,000, and every player has a chance to bust Phil for a bonus of $1,000.

How to Play

It’s easy to sign up — just go to and click Download. Note that Virtue Poker currently runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux desktops.

Once you complete the registration process, we will seed your account with 50,000 Virtue Poker Points (VPPs), free tokens you can use to play in cash games or Sit & Go tournaments. There is a variety of promotions going on that you can play to win or earn ETH and VPPs in addition to the Ivey’s Table event — click here for details on over 250 ETH in prizes.

How to Win Your Seat

There are two ways you can claim a seat at Ivey’s Table:

  • The Short Deck Leaderboard. Play Short Deck Sit & Go tournaments and earn points for finishing first or second. The top three players on the Short Deck Leaderboard at the end of the promotion each win seats at Ivey’s Table. You must play at least 200 Sit & Go tournaments to qualify.
  • Random drawings. We will hold a random drawing at the end of the promotion for the remaining two seats. You can earn entries as follows:
    - One entry for playing your first Sit & Go
    - One entry for every 100 Sit & Go tournaments you play
    - One entry for retweeting the Ivey’s Table announcement tweet


The five winners will be entered in a special Short Deck Sit & Go tournament; the sixth player is Phil Ivey. Beyond bragging rights, here’s what they will play for:

1st: $5,000
2nd: $3,500
3rd: $2,500
4th: $1,000
5th: $500

Note: Ivey’s standing will be removed and other players will be promoted, so, for example, if Ivey finishes 4th, then 5th place receives $1,000 and 6th place receives $500.

The I Busted Phil bonus: The player who busts Ivey (if anyone does) will receive an additional $1,000 bonus, plus a personal Twitter shout-out from Phil congratulating the player. If the player who busts Ivey also wins the Sit & Go, that player will receive an additional bonus of $1,000, making the potential top prize $7,000.

Ivey’s Table begins on Wednesday, April 15 and runs through Sunday, May 24. The Final Table will be on June 7 at 1700 UTC. We will post Tournament Rules and full details on Tuesday, April 14.

If you new to Short Deck, you can find the rules of the game here.

See you on the tables!

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