Update on upcoming final tables

As most of you know, we have been challenged the past few months because of how long Game Security reviews have taken. We intended to have all of the Game Security reviews complete within two weeks after the Beta 2 promotion ended, but some of those reviews are still in progress. There are many factors that contributed to this delay, including COVID-19, but the bottom line is that we have experienced more fraud than we expected. We feel like we owe it to you to ensure that the hours you have spent trying to win prizes were spent in a fair competition.

We are encountering similar issues in the Game Security reviews for our two Sit & Go promotions, Ivey’s Table and the Sit & Go World Series. To ensure that we can do a full check on all potential winners, we are moving both final tables back. We need to confirm the date that Phil Ivey will be available for his Final Table. Once his date is confirmed we will be able to confirm the dates for both of these Final Tables.

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