Launch Test Promotion Rules

  1. Grinder Points. You earn Grinder Points for each Sit & Go you play, as follows:

2. Deposit and playthrough requirements.
- Minimum deposit: 0.25 ETH
- Maximum deposit: 3.0 ETH
- 20 ETH Launch Week Drawings: 1 Grinder Point
- Week 1 Daily Drawings: 10 Grinder Points
- 10 ETH added Sit & Go: 25 Grinder Points
- VPP Deposit Bonus (3 ETH max): 50 Grinder Points per 1 ETH deposited
- Weekly Leaderboard random draw: 10 Grinder Points

   IMPORTANT NOTE: You may withdraw funds from your account at any time provided that you have passed KYC. If you are attempting to earn the VPP Deposit Bonus or a ticket into the 10 ETH Sit & Go Freeroll, you may not make a withdrawal until you have satisfied the playthrough requirements. If you do, you will still be eligible for all other bonuses and promotions but may not earn the VPP Deposit Bonus or a ticket into the Sit & Go Freeroll.

3. Sit & Go Leaderboard-specific rules.
a. You earn Leaderboard Points based on the SNG buy-in and where you finish. See the table at the end of these Rules or on the Leaderboard page:
b. Each weekly Leaderboard runs from Monday at 0000 UTC to the following Sunday at 2359 UTC.
c. Semi-final dates (there is a one-week lag to allow for Game Security checks):
Week 1 (play from 9-15 November): 22 November
Week 2 (play from 16-22 November): 29 November
Week 3 (play from 23-29 November): 6 December
Week 4: (play from 30 November-6 December): 13 December
d. Semi-final payouts:
1st: 1.5 ETH
2nd: 1.0 ETH
3rd: 0.5 ETH
e. SNG Leaderboard Final: 20 December
f. SNG Final payouts:
1st: 10 ETH
2nd: 8 ETH
3rd: 6 ETH
4th: 4 ETH
5th: 2 ETH
g. The player who busts Virtue Poker Ambassador Phil Ivey wins an additional 1 ETH. If that player wins the SNG, they win an additional 1 ETH for a total first place prize of 12 ETH.
f. If a player who qualifies for a Semi-final is suspended or banned from play on Virtue Poker, that player's entry will be awarded to the next-place finisher on that week's Leaderboard. If a player is suspended after winning a Semi-final, that player's entry will be awarded to the second-place finisher for that week.
    g. Virtue Poker publishes its leaderboard results on the Virtue Poker website. You grant us permission to do so, and to use your player name (but not your real name) in promotional materials.

4. Player in good standing. You must be a player in good standing at Virtue Poker to participate in this promotion, win prizes or earn bonuses. If your playing privileges have been suspended or revoked per the Virtue Poker Terms and Conditions, you are ineligible to participate and forfeit any prize won or bonus earned.

5. Prevailing rules. If there is a conflict between these Rules and the Virtue Poker Terms and Conditions, the Virtue Poker Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

6. Leaderboard Points.

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