WSOP Drawing tickets

Everyone who participated in the Virtue Poker Beta 1 received a number of entries in the World Series of Poker Main Event drawing, based on a number of factors:

  • Successfully register a new account on Virtue Poker: 1 ticket
  • Play your first hand: 5 tickets
  • Play on 3 consecutive days: 10 tickets (can only be earned once)
  • Play 25 hands of each game type: 10 tickets after playing 25 hands of EACH (Hold ’em, Short Deck, Omaha)
  • For every 100 hands you play: 1 ticket
  • For each 1,000 VPPs in your bankroll on June 17: 10 tickets

These tickets are all now entered in the drawing, which we will conduct on Friday, June 21. The results will be posted here as well as in our Telegram channel. The methodology we will use for the drawing is almost the same as we use for the daily table drawings: we assign a number to each ticket, and then use the random number generator at to generate a ticket number in the range [1 to total tickets issued]. There is a total of just over 110,000 tickets in play.

Following are all players who earned tickets and how many each earned.

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