Virtue Poker Beta 1 launches

Our team at Virtue Poker has worked for three years to create an online poker system like no other — one that uses the blockchain and peer-to-peer networking to build a system where games are demonstrably fair and players’ funds are always safe. We are excited to announce that we have built out a poker platform that accomplishes both these feats, and we’re ready for you to see it.

As we discussed in the latest VP Monthly Update, we are about to launch our first Beta test round. Up to now, we have included only Token Sale participants and Virtue Poker staff in our testing rounds. We’re excited to get the Beta 1 into the hands of a much wider audience.

The Beta 1 test round runs from May 23 through June 30. As we have done in previous testing rounds, we are offering some terrific incentives to play*. And this time, we are including the one prize that every poker player in the world wants — an entry into the 2019 World Series of Poker $10,000 Main Event. In all, we’re giving away over $30,000 in prizes in this round!

NOTE: If you participated in the Token Sale, you are automatically included in the Beta — you don’t need to take any action to participate.

There are four ways to win prizes in the Beta 1:

  • Random drawings every weekday. Virtue Poker will select tables at random each day, and every player at the selected table will receive a cash prize ranging from 0.1 to 0.5 ETH (Ether, the cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network).
  • Prizes for players who play the most hands. The top 20 players who play the most hands during the Beta 1 each win 1 ETH.
  • Race to the Top Bankroll Leaderboard. The players with the top 10 bankrolls during the Beta 1 share in a 20 ETH prize pool.
  • Grand Prize Drawing: $10,000 World Series of Poker entry and $2,000 travel money. On June 17, we will hold a drawing for a $12,000 World Series of Poker Main Event package.

Here’s how you earn tickets:

  • Successfully register a new account on Virtue Poker: 1 ticket
  • Play your first hand: 5 tickets
  • Play on 3 consecutive days: 10 tickets (can only be earned once)
  • Play 25 hands of each game type: 10 tickets after playing 25 hands of EACH (Hold ’em, Short Deck, Omaha) — note that this means a total of 10 tickets.
  • For every 100 hands you play: 1 ticket
  • For each 1,000 VPPs in your bankroll on June 17: 10 tickets

Joining the Beta is easy — click here and provide us with your email address and Ethereum address. If you don’t already have an Ethereum address, click here for a simple walkthrough to set up your free address.

There will be at least three rounds of Beta tests over the next few months. This round focuses on testing core components of the system; future rounds will add Sit & Go and multi-table tournament functionality, plus the functionality you expect from online poker sites (like hand histories). And there will be a lot more opportunities to win ETH, cash and swag!

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