Virtue Poker/Virtue Gaming Update

First off, we apologize for the delay in providing a proper update to our community. Our team has been hard at work preparing for our Virtue Gaming P2E Beta Launch in the US.

With that said - we wanted to provide an overall update that includes both a summary of our recent activities and future plans.

Virtue Poker Q3 Summary

To begin - despite the production issue during the first table - we did have several major success stories surrounding the Celebrity Event:

The Golden Ticket NFT

Virtue Poker was able to establish an initial partnership with Binance NFT and sold our first NFT (The Golden Ticket) on Binance's platform for $20,000 USD to Chris Wang the CEO of ThunderCore protocol.

Key Takeaways: Virtue Poker was able to showcase what we believe to be one part of the future for the intersection of NFTs and online gaming: creating NFTs that provide access to real-world experiences.

In addition - this initial test allowed our company and Binance to establish a partnership that we hope to continue to leverage as we grow our community and platform going forward. At one point we even had CZ himself playing our tournament! (unfortunately he had to pull out due to other conflicts)

SuperFarm and Ethernity Partnerships

Virtue Poker established two partnerships with both the SuperFarm and Ethernity communities rewarding each respective community a seat to the event.

Ethernity Community Seat: The Ethernity Community member who joined our tournament was able to earn his seat to the event using STONES (the minable token available only to ERN token holders). In addition, Virtue Poker Team Pro parnterned with Ethernity to launch his first aNFT collection. In addition, our first table featured CEO and Founder of Ethernity, Nick Rose. Virtue Poker and Ethernity plan to continue our partnership and collaborate on more events featuring Ethernity Celebrities going forward....

SuperFarm Community Seat: The SuperFarm community seat was originally planned to be rewarded via an NFT lottery - however due to a change in SuperFarm development plans that original plan was put on hold. However, SuperFarm has already proven to be an amazing partner for Virtue Poker, having previously run our IDO on their SuperStarter platform. Similar to Ethernity - we plan to continue our collaboration and partnership with SuperFarm going forward.

Mr. Beast Collaboration

The Virtue Poker team, Phil Ivey, and Mr. Beast were able to meet in Las Vegas over the course of the Celebrity Event weekend. We know many community members were hoping for Mr. Beast to publicly tweet about his participation in the event. However - we feel that our potential partnership with Mr. Beast and his amazing team long term is far more valuable than a single tweet.

Key Takeaway: We remain in discussions about a potential partnership to support Virtue Gaming P2E launch in the US. Stay tuned for more information....

The Celebrity Trading Card Mystery Box on Binance NFT

Virtue Poker was able to further our partnership with Binance NFT through our Mystery box campaign. Virtue Poker's 11,801 NFTs sold out in less than 1 minute making us one of the most successful mysterbox campaigns of all-time!

Most importantly - it demonstrated a major interest from the Binance community in Virtue Poker - and was the first online poker event ever to utilize NFTs to create an interactive experience. Users from around the world purchased multiple mysterboxes to try and earn $50,000 worth of prizes.

Key Takeaway: The success of both our Golden Ticket NFT and our Celebrity Trading Card Mysterbox are just small previews of how Virtue Poker plans to integrate NFTs into our strategy and platform going forward. We are working on a new partnership with Binance NFT, stay tuned for more news...

The Virtue Poker Golden Ticket Promotion

And finally....because of the success in our endeavors listed above - Virtue Poker was able to leverage the excitement around our Celebrity Tournament into our most successful promotion ever.

  • 20,000 Players: We grew up player base by 4x in 4 days...
  • 11,000 Telegram Members: Our telegram community doubled in size
  • 20,000 Twitter Followers: Our Twitter follower count tripled in size
  • 750,000 hands played in 6 weeks: Virtue Poker platform averaged >100,000 hands per week
  • $350,000 in Revenue: Virtue Poker grew our average monthly revenue by 3x
  • 14,000 VPP Holders: Virtue Poker grew the number of VPP token holders from under 2,000 to over 14,000 in 7 weeks...
  • 650 Tournament Entries: Virtue Poker ran our largest tournament ever through a series of multi-step tournaments whereby players competed for a chance to win a seat to our Celebrity Tournament.

Discreet501 not only won the Golden Ticket entry to the event - but also went on to win Table 2! He will be facing off against Ethereum Co-Founder Joe Lubin for the Championship title (date TBA).

Virtue Poker Q4 Roadmap

Despite what has been by far the best year in Virtue Poker's history so far this year - we believe the best developments are yet to come - and will all come before the end of the year:

Virtue Poker New $300,000 GTD Promotion  

Virtue Poker will launch a new promotion featuring over $300,000 in new prizes for players including:

  • Random Daily ETH Drawings
  • Weekly Competitions for NFTs
  • New Grinder Competition
  • Satellites (MSTs) for the WSOP Main Event
  • New Sign-Up and Deposit Bonuses
  • And more TBA

We apologize on the delay in launching our new promotion - we are still working to finalize the details.

Virtue Gaming Play-to-Earn US Launch

Virtue Gaming will be a complementary product to Virtue Poker - and will feature the first ever blockchain based peer-to-peer, play-to-earn online poker model.

Virtue Gaming has already:

  • Received a legal opinion from the top iGaming Law firm in the United States
  • Submitted a patent on it's innovative play-to-earn model - to protect our company from potential future copy-cat companies

Most importantly - Virtue Gaming will launching our Beta before the end of the year. Their are minimal new product features needed to complete the product and the launch will feature:

  • No loss, free-to-play, play-to-earn poker with unlimited earning potential
  • Feature a re-vamped loyalty program
  • Unique NFT prizes
  • USDT prizes
  • Live Experiences as prizes

We believe this product launch will usher in the future of online poker.

The main benefits to Virtue Gaming P2E launch will be:

  • Remove traditional gambling geo-restrictions creating a larger Total Addressable Market (TAM)
  • Activate dormant US poker players
  • Help Virtue scale our community, player base, and revenue at an exponential rate
  • Open up new revenue producing opportunities

We apologize for not providing more specific details - despite the submission of our patent - we do not want to tip off potential future competitors about our new business model. We will release details on how Virtue Gaming P2E US will work a few days prior to launching the Beta.

CEX Listing

We are pleased to announce that we have agreed in principal to list the VPP token on a major exchange.

Our goal is to open VPP and Virtue Poker to a broader global pool of interested players.

VPP Utility/Tokenomics Improvements

The Virtue Poker team is working on adding additional utility to the VPP token including:

  • Public VPP staking (open Justice Program)
  • Player VPP staking (daily/weekly prizes for staking VPP)
  • VPP Burning Mechanism
  • More TBA

Product Improvements

Our development team has recently completed the following new features:

  • Chip animation on tables
  • Added sound for: check, fold, bet, win, etc
  • Top-Up and Re-buy for Cash Tables
  • VPP "Grinder Points - called "VXP" - more information to come...

Before the end of the year we plan on:

  • Adding a new KYC vendor
  • Improving our payout timeline (we apologize for previous delays in payouts)
  • Table Tiling
  • Loyalty Program
  • More TBA


Despite some setbacks along the way - Virtue Poker/Virtue Gaming's long-term outlook remains strong. We will continue to build new product features to improve our players experience. We will continue to add new partnerships and provide new marketing promotions to help continue to grow our community.

And most importantly - the combination of Virtue Gaming P2E US Launch + a CEX listing should help move our community into our next massive phase of growth.

As always we appreciate your continued support - and we thank you for being part of our community.

We'll see (many more) of you on the tables soon ;)....

The Virtue Poker Team

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