The Million Hand Party

The Million Hand Party

Virtue Poker has hit a major milestone: on Wednesday, February 5, we dealt Hand #1 million! And we’re throwing a party on Monday to celebrate.

First, a fun surprise for two of our players: hand #1,000,000 was dealt at a Hold ’em table that included players tomas897 and Edge988. We have deposited 0.5 ETH in the accounts of each of these players.

Here’s what we have planned for our Million Hand Party:

  • Bust-a-Host Marathon. Beginning at 1600 UTC on Monday, we’re running Bust-a-Host tables until we drop! Bust-a-Host tables will run every 30 minutes until 2100 UTC. Watch our Telegram channel for details. And we’re upping the bounty for busting a host to 0.3 ETH.
  • 1 ETH drawings for everyone who plays on Monday. We will hold (5) 1 ETH random drawings for every player who plays at least one hand on Monday. The drawings will be held on Tuesday at 2200 UTC, and the results announced in the Telegram channel.

Please come help us celebrate this achievement and win some ETH!

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