What are Virtue Player Points (VPP) and what can they be used for?

Virtue Player Points have three core utilities within the Virtue Poker network: (1) VPP can be “locked” in a smart contract called the Justice Registry that enable users to stake tokens and validate hands on the network in exchange for fees from players, (2) they can be used as an in-game currency, and (3) they can be used to access special tournaments.

1. Becoming a Justice

The Justice Pool is composed of a limited number of users that are active on the Virtue Poker network. To become a Justice, users must (a) acquire VPP, (b) stake tokens in the Justice Registry and (c) must have their device on and their application open and set to “active” in order to be assigned to tables. The assignment rate of Justices to tables is based on an individual Justice’s stake divided over the total number of tokens locked in the Justice Registry.

Justice Submissions Review Process

Initially, submissions by Justices to IPFS will be reviewed by a team of game security experts.

There are two ways for accusations of cheating to be submitted to our Game Security team. Players can submit a complaint of suspicious activity, and these submissions are reviewed to determine if cheating has occurred. In addition, Virtue Poker constantly runs algorithms across the data submitted by Justices and all suspicious activity is reviewed manually. If it is found that a player cheated, a punishment is levied and that player may be banned from the platform permanently.

Justice Fees

Justice Fees generated on the Virtue Poker platform will be divided among the active Justice nodes on the Virtue Poker network. Fees are accrued by Justices in both VPP and ETH.

2. In-Game Currency

VPP can be used as in-game currency. Players can choose to participate in games denominated in VPP to grow their relative proportion of VPP in relation to other users.

3. Special Tournaments

Special tournaments and games can only be accessed with VPP, with users being able to compete to earn VPP or ETH. These tournaments will include, but are not limited to guaranteed tournaments, freerolls and special satellite events. In addition, the buy-in for Virtue Poker’s initial kick-off tournament will only be open to users with VPP.

The VPP is an ERC-223 token, and will be exchangeable on exchanges following our mainnet launch as both players and Justices will need to be able to convert their VPP to ETH or another form of cryptocurrency.

Individuals can be both players and Justices (they won’t be assigned to the same table), and we believe these utilities are in line with our core values in developing a peer-to-peer ecosystem that is player centric and player driven.

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