Virtue Poker Open Beta Launches

The Virtue Poker team has spent the past 3–1/2 years building our groundbreaking online poker system. Over 600 players have played on our Alpha and earlier Beta rounds, logging over a half-million hands. We’re ready to open up the system to a wider audience, and we’ll pay you to help us! We’re giving away over 250 ETH plus up to 5,000,000 VPPs (1,250 ETH worth). VPPs are the Virtue Poker token, which can be used when the site goes live for real money. The promotional period will run from November 26, 2019 through February 29, 2020.

How to join the Open Beta

If you played in earlier Alpha or Beta rounds, you don’t need to do anything. When the Open Beta launches, your client installation will update automatically.

If you did not play in earlier Alpha or Beta rounds, click here and click the Download button. It will detect the correct installer and begin the download. Download and run the installer and follow the instructions. Note that you will need to have an Ethereum (ETH) account to which you can link. If you are unsure how to create one, click here for a walkthrough.

IMPORTANT: Your Ethereum account may not be an exchange account like Coinbase, must support ERC-20 tokens and must be able to access the Rinkeby test network.

Reminder: Our Support Team is here to help. Email us at if you need help.

How the Open Beta program works

If you played in earlier Alpha or Beta rounds, we have deposited 50,000 Test VPPs directly into your Virtue Poker account. You do not need to transfer VPPs from your Source of Funds account. The Test VPPs that you had from previous rounds are no longer usable.

If you did not play in earlier Alpha or Beta rounds: Once your account is created, we will deposit 50,000 Test VPPs into your newly-created account.

All of our ring games have a 1,000 VPP buy-in and 10–20 VPP blinds, and all of our Sit & Go tournaments have a 1,000 VPP buy-in, so you have 50 full buy-ins.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you lose your initial 50,000 VPP bankroll and we give you a reload, you will lose a portion of your Bankroll Builder Bonus (below). You may reload one time and will receive 20,000 VPPs.

Note that these VPPs have no intrinsic value. They were created exclusively for your use during the Open Beta, and are used for scoring some of the promotions you’ll read about below. When the Open Beta is done, these VPPs will be burned (destroyed).

How you can win prizes in the Open Beta

The Virtue Poker system includes ring (cash) games and Sit & Go tournaments (which we abbreviate SNG). We spread No Limit Hold ’em, Omaha and Short Deck No Limit Hold ’em ring games and SNGs (although for the first few days of this release, we will limit games to only No Limit Hold ‘em).

Bust-a-Host tables and SNGs
As you play, you’ll notice a number of Virtue Poker hosts playing in some games. Each host’s display name starts with Host (like HostDan, HostRyan and HostSharon). At various times each weekday, one or more hosts will conduct Bust-a-Host tables. If you are the first to bust one of the hosts at an announced Bust-a-Host table, you win 0.2 ETH! Every Friday, the Bust-a-Host schedule will be posted for the following week.

Note: Hosts are not always bounties. If you aren’t sure, ask the Host! We always post in the Telegram channel when a Bust-a-Host is about to start.

The Sit & Go Beta League
The Sit & Go Beta League is a weekly Sit & Go league in which you earn points based on your success in SNG tournaments, as follows:

Play in a SNG: 1 point
Place 2nd in a SNG: 2 points (1+1)
Place 1st in a SNG: 4 points (1 + 3)

You must play at least 10 SNGs to qualify for each week’s prizes. The top 5 players on the Sit & Go League Leaderboard each win ETH:

1st: 2.0 ETH
2nd: 1.5 ETH
3rd: 1.0 ETH
4th: 0.5 ETH
5th: 0.25 ETH

The leaderboard is reset at 00:00 Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) each Monday morning. We will post a link to the Sit & Go League Leaderboard in our Telegram channel on Wednesday, November 27.

Weekly drawings
Each Monday, we will conduct a random drawing for a 2 ETH prize. To qualify, play at least 1,000 hands during the prior week. Our week runs from 00:00 UTC Monday to 23:59 UTC Sunday.

End-of-Beta drawing
After the Open Beta has closed, all players who have played at least 1,000 hands total will be entered in a drawing for 5 ETH.

Real Money Bankroll Builder
This is your chance to win real VPPs that you can use to play when Virtue Poker goes live. At the end of the Open Beta Period, you will receive a bonus of real VPPs, not test VPPs, based on how many hands you’ve played from today through February 29. These will be deposited directly into your Virtue Poker account and can be used to compete for real money when our site goes live! Here’s how many you can earn:

Play 300 hands: receive 200 VPPs
Play 1,000 hands: receive 1,000 VPPs
Play 2,500 hands: receive 3,000 VPPs
Play 5,000 hands: receive 7,000 VPPs
Special Grinder Bonus: Play 10,000 hands, receive 15,000 VPPs + 1 ETH
Super Grinder Bonus: Play 25,000 hands, receive 40,000 VPPs + 2 ETH

VERY IMPORTANT: As mentioned above, if you lose your initial 50,000 VPPs, you may request one reload of 20,000 VPPs. If you do, however, there is a steep price — you will only receive 50% of the above bonus if you take the reload.

All VPP prizes will be awarded prior to our Ethereum mainnet launch. Full rules for the Open Beta promotions are available here [expired link removed].

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