Virtue Poker Holiday Bonus Promo!

We’ve been hard at work since our last round of testing, and we have some exciting news — we have implemented a fully functional Justice! Justices in the Virtue Poker service ensure fairness by acting as a referee, confirming data and providing encryption keys as needed.

If you participated in earlier Alpha testing rounds, you know how important this is. All players participate in shuffling the deck, after which they all share encryption keys so each player can see their cards. In prior Alpha releases, this caused a hand to end immediately if a player became disconnected. With the Justice implementation, these hands can now play to completion. (Note that Justices are currently operated by Virtue Poker; when we launch on the Ethereum mainnet, they will be operated by players who stake sufficient VPPs.)

We will be conducting a round of testing in January, but we are so excited about the implementation of the first working Justice that we want to take it for a test drive this week. From Tuesday, December 18 through Friday, December 21, we are giving away 25 ETH to players who want to come help us with preview testing.

  • Daily leaderboard. Each day during the promotion, we will award 2 ETH to the top winner of the day. Daily results will be posted here.
  • Overall leaderboard. The player who posts the biggest win over the 4-day promotional period will win an additional 8 ETH.
  • Random drawing. Each day, you can earn one entry into a drawing to be held on December 24 by playing at least 100 hands. The top 3 players will each win 3 ETH.

This promotion is open only to participants in the Virtue Poker Token Sale. If you participated, you should have received an email with instructions on how to play. If you didn’t receive it, or if you have questions, email us at

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