Virtue Poker: $10k GTD, $VPP Utility Upgrade Promo

Virtue Poker: $10k GTD, $VPP Utility Upgrade Promo

Hello Virtue Poker Community! 

We are pleased to announce a new promotion structure (trial) with upgraded $VPP utility that we are launching on Monday June 3rd with over $10,000 in added prizes! 

This promotion will be centered around several new features our team has been working on, that together enable this format with the main feature being: Add token-pairing with chips.  

👉 See Schedule + Pay Tables 

Disclaimer: This is our first time using this feature, and we expect to discover bugs, missing features, and there may be unanticipated errors that may arise. This trial promo is meant to uncover exactly these issues which is why we need you to help us test this out with us! At the conclusion of the promo, we may return all VPP to players. We guarantee no player will suffer a loss of $VPP by participating in this promo. 

How Add Token Pairing with Chips Works 

Virtue Poker upgraded the application to include this new feature which allows any club on Virtue Poker to take on-chain data (e.g. sending a token to an address) and pair this with a chips balance inside a particular club. 

Add a Token Pairing to Chips Inside a Club 

A club admin sets this up by specifying a network (e.g. Base), a token (e.g. $VPP), a ratio (e.g. 1:1) and a receiving wallet address (or multi-signature wallet). 

Get Chips

After completing this, players will be prompted inside a club to “get chips” by sending tokens to an address which in turn will credit the user with chips inside the club that can be used to play both cash games + tournaments. 

Add Chips 

If a player wants to add to their chips balance, they simply follow the same process above. 

Remove Chips 

If a player wants to remove chips from their balance, they click on “remove chips” which sends a transaction to the club admin for confirmation. Once confirmed, the player will have chips deducted from their balance and be sent back tokens to their wallet. 


Both tournaments and cash tables inside a club can be created by specifying a “chips” buy-in. This also enables clubs to create cash tables. 

Vision for Virtue Poker using this Feature

Our vision is to combine the UX of poker web apps + the business model of club apps + the core strength of web3:

A globally accessible payment network that enables transparent and secure onchain fund management via smart contracts and multi-signature wallets

This release + trial is just the first step on this journey.

$10k GTD $VPP Utility Upgrade Promo 

This week, we will be giving away over $10,000 in added prizes across our Leaderboard Promotion and our $7,500 GTD Virtue Poker Championship MTT this Sunday June 9th.

In order to participate in these promotions, players will need to get chips inside our club.

1 $VPP will be equal to 1 chip inside our club.

👉 See Schedule + Pay Tables 

Starting on Tuesday, players can use their $VPP tokens to get chips inside our club. See below on how to get chips. ONLY $VPP on Base will be accepted to get chips. 

Most daily tournaments and cash tables will require chips to join. 

Most importantly: players will be able to remove chips from their account and receive $VPP back at the same 1:1 ratio. 

How to Get Chips 

  1. Go to Virtue’s club:
  2. Join the club (if you haven’t already). Virtue’s club requires players to hold a minimum of 3000 $VPP to join 
  3. To add chips click on “request chips” and specify the amount you would like.
  4. Connect your wallet (make sure you are connected on ❗️Base network)
  5. Send your $VPP to

virtuepoker.eth (0x179b9F494aB89a2CE1ab94A9AD7cb9bCd5ae289d) on ❗️BASE NETWORK.

After your transaction is confirmed on-chain, just refresh your browser and you’ll see your chips balance! 

Limited Time: Bridge $VPP to Base for Free 

For a limited time -  Virtue Poker will bridge VPP for free to Base chain. If you have your $VPP on either Ethereum or BSC Chain, complete this form. Make sure to include your wallet address and a transaction hash of you sending $VPP to: 

virtuepoker.eth (0x179b9F494aB89a2CE1ab94A9AD7cb9bCd5ae289d)

Each day at 10:00 am EST (14:00 UTC), Virtue Poker will to send the equivalent amount of $VPP on BASE to all players who complete this form. 

👉 Complete the form here

$VPP Burning Mechanism 🔥

All chips tables will have 0% rake. However - players will be subject to a 5% chips fee for each withdrawal transaction. All $VPP from fees will be burned. 

Promotion Structure 💰

Players will compete and earn prizes based three different ways: 

  1. Increase their chips balance 
  2. Placing top 25 on the Weekly MTT Leaderboard or 
  3. Earning a seat to the $7500 GTD Sunday Virtue Poker Championship

See Schedule + Pay Tables 

Increasing Chips Balance 

Players who enter chips tournaments or cash tables can earn chips by winning against other players. Reminder, chips can be removed in return for $VPP at a 1:1 ratio. All chips earned are redeemable for $VPP

Cash Tables 

In addition, Virtue will have (6) cash tables in our lobby, with (4) NL Hold’em tables ranging from 1k to 10k chips and (2) PLO tables ranging from 1k to 5k chips. 

All chip cash tables function the same way as existing cash tables on other sites. Players can enter cash tables, top up their balance and compete against other players. In order to get chips back to their chips balance, players must leave the table (click on the red outlined button in the top right corner of the table to leave the table). 

All players who play a minimum of 200 hands by Saturday June 8th will be entered into a drawing where 10 players will earn seats to the $7.5 Virtue Poker Championship. 

Tournament Schedule 

Each day Virtue will host (6) MTTs, with (4) MTT’s requiring chips and (2) MTT’s requiring no chips but will require players to hold a minimum amount of $VPP tokens. 

All Chips MTTs will pay out 100% of the chips prize pool to the top 15% of players. In addition, players will earn seats to the $7.5k GTD Virtue Poker Championship. 

Lastly, each MTT will distribute Leaderboard Points to the top 15% of players. 

👉 See Schedule + Pay Tables 

Weekly MTT Leaderboard

Each tournament is weighted based on Leaderboard Entry Points. The total LB Points Prize Pool is based on: 

[number of entrants] x [LB Entry Point value] = Total LB Points Prize Pool

These points will be distributed to the top 15% of players (those “ITM”) based on the same pay table that will be used for chips payouts. 

E.g. a 200 player MTT with a LB Entry Point value of 2 would have 400 points distributed to the top 30 players. 

❗️NOTE: $VPP HODL MTT’s also will have LB entry point value. 

The top 25 players on the Weekly MTT Leaderboard will share over $2500 in prizes 

$7.5 GTD Virtue Poker Championship MTT

On Sunday June 9th, Virtue Poker will host a 250 max tournament with over $7,500 in prizes. 

There are only two ways to enter the this tournament: 

  1. Earn a seat either via a MTT or
  2. HODL 100,000 $VPP tokens (total across BSC, ETH, and Base chains) 

Throughout the course of the week, Virtue Poker will be giving away 184 seats, with the remaining 66 seats taken on a first-come-first serve basis. 

👉 See Schedule + Pay Tables 

Features Powering the Promo 

This trial promotion is the culmination of several months of work by the Virtue Poker team. We’ve built out over the course of the past several months including: 

  • Chip economy for clubs
  • Add token-pairing with chips 
  • Prize-tables + payouts for chips games
  • Display prizes in elimination messages
  • Automatically update pay tables based on number of players 
  • Bridge $VPP to Base Chain 
  • Enable multi-chain totals of $VPP for users 
  • Cash game fixes 
  • Cash table top-ups 
  • Adjust chip balance from Admin 
  • Tournament Rebuys 
  • + many more 

In addition - the team has been hard at work fixing several bugs that have plagued the platform: 

  • Use of betting buttons when you’ve timed out 
  • Pre-set action buttons not working
  • Auto-fold time delays 
  • Mobile gameplay lag
  • + many more 

The Future

Moving forward $VPP will be integrated inside our club via our token pairing with chips. This trial promotion is just the first step in our future journey. 

Our goal is for future poker to be only one of many clubs on the platform utilizing this feature. We will be rolling it out to other clubs after we complete several additional features and complete our live testing in the ensuing weeks. 

Meanwhile, our team is continuing to progress on: 

  • Additional bug fixes
  • Advanced on-chain fund management for token-pairing with chips 
  • New Front-end with mobile optimizations 

Stay tuned for more updates regarding our roadmap soon. 

The Virtue Poker Team 

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