Piece of Ivey Sweepstakes Winners Announced

Virtue Poker bought a 30% share of Phil Ivey’s action in a number of World Series of Poker events this year. Phil won a total of $113,791, and we’re giving our 30% share, $34,137, to ten winners who entered the Piece of Ivey sweepstakes. (Yes, we know the final prize pool is slightly higher than the graphic.)

We’re thrilled to announce that the following have each won $3,414. Note that several players did not provide last names; we will publish them as soon as those players have been confirmed as winners. Congratulations to the lucky winners!

Gregory Chandler (United States)
Marc Rhodes (United States)
Louis DiSano (United States)
Mike Wolford (United States)
Maximilian Weickenmeier (Germany)
Kelly Worth (United States)
Denis Soucy (United States)
Ian Kalman (United States)
Ryan McNeeley (United States)
Siarhei Lebedzeu (Belarus)

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