Piece of Ivey Drawing - Gold Bankroll Builder

Virtue is pleased to announce our genesis mint of NFT avatars - in partnership with Virtue Team Pro, 10-time WSOP winner, Phil Ivey.

Our genesis mint will be limited to 500 NFTs that can be purchased in the Virtue application by redeeming 150 $GOLD.

One lucky purchaser who will get a spot on the whitelist by the 19th of June will receive a 5% stake in Ivey in the $50,000 buy-in WSOP Players Championship that begins on the 26th of June, 2022. Last year the top prize for this event was nearly $1,000,000 - so the owner of the "Ivey NFT" has a chance to win up to $50,000!

One lucky purchaser will also receive a 1/1 “Phil Ivey” NFT that will include an authenticated digital signature from Phil Ivey himself.

In addition to the campaign described above, we'll distribute another 5% stake through five other promotions.

‌5% NFT Drawing
Winner 🏆: TLDR

1% ETH tables ‌
Winner 🏆: aaaraxon

1% each SNG Chase ‌
Winner 🏆: Rory
1% each SNG Chase ‌
Winner 🏆: AttilaBertus

1% Gold tables
Winner 🏆: mamaiafigaro

1% Community Campaign ‌
Winner 🏆: SamHarrisFan

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