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Promotion Dates: April 11th - May 29th, 2022

Virtue is pleased to announce we are launching a new promotion where real-money players will earn even more $GOLD tokens.  

The $GOLD token can be thought of as a rewards/loyalty program, where 1 $GOLD is equal to $1 USDT.

This new promotion payout is based on players’ weekly performance through Grinders Points they collect within the week. Each player can earn up to 400 $GOLD weekly and receive an additional ETH Deposit Bonus.

Join the tables, compete, and earn more GOLD!

Deposit Bonus

All players will receive a 100 $GOLD Bonus for their first deposit of 0.1 ETH or more during the promotion period (now through May 29th). Players must reach a minimum of 40 Grinder points to redeem their deposit bonus.

Gas Free Deposits

We are pleased to announce that our gas-free deposit feature is available again for all players!

Players can deposit up to 3 times during our promotion period and have any gas fees credited back to their account instantly upon deposit!

ETH Weekly Bankroll Builder

Each week, real-money players will earn up to 400$GOLD through their play on ETH tables based on their Grinder Points scored.

Grinder points are accrued based on rake paid across ETH Sit and Go and Cash Tables (both NHLE and PLO). For every 1 ETH paid in rake, players earn 400 Grinder Points.

Players can earn a maximum of 400 $GOLD each week by grinding on ETH tables.

$GOLD Rewards

The $GOLD token can be thought of as a rewards program, where initially, 1 $GOLD is equal to $1 USDT.

Initially, the $GOLD token will exist only within the Virtue platform and will be redeemable directly in the App prior to the end of the promotion.

Players can use their $GOLD earned in three ways:

Redeem: Players who earn $GOLD will be able to redeem their $GOLD directly in the application to receive $USDT.

Play on $GOLD tables: In addition, Virtue will be deploying $GOLD table games. Players will be able to use their $GOLD tokens to compete for additional special prizes.

NFT Avatars: Virtue will be announcing shortly our genesis mint of NFT avatars that players will be able to purchase using $GOLD to enhance their P2E earning potential.


Thank you again to our community for being active participants during our ongoing promotion. We will continue to source community feedback and add additional ways to earn throughout the course of this promotion period. Stay tuned for more news and updates over the upcoming weeks.

See you on the tables!

The Virtue Team

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