A Million Dollar Freeroll Where Everyone Wins

In Virtue Poker’s freeroll, 100% of players win VPP!

As you probably know, Virtue Poker launched our token sale on Wednesday. We’re thrilled to report that we are 84% sold after just one day!

One of the perks of our token sale is an 8 million VPP freeroll (up to $1 million USD equivalent) that is only open to buyers who have bought at least 4 ETH or more. We have decided to pay out 100% of the field in this tournament.

This is the unicorn of poker tournaments — if you enter, you are guaranteed to make money. The total number of token buyers who are eligible for this freeroll stands today at 222. If it stays there and you play, your expected value (EV) is somewhere between 50,000 and 60,000 VPPs. Even if the number rises to 500, your EV is still between 25,000 and 30,000 VPPs. We estimate 1 ETH will equal around 4,000 VPP.

And there is even more value. We’re giving away five World Series of Poker Main event entries, each including $3,000 in travel funds (total value: $13,000 USD) in a random drawing for token buyers. And we will give away over 1 million VPPs to alpha and beta testers between May and November.

We’d love to have you join us as a token holder, which will give you early access to our Alpha and Beta programs, as well as a shot at a giant prize pool. If you have already bought tokens, you’re already entered. If you haven’t, click here to register for the token sale! [expired link removed]

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